John William Galt

John William Galt, 30 films, 28 Dinner Theatre and stock shows. Thousands of commercials, industrials, and movie trailer voice overs. If you can think of anything else, he'll try it.

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Voice Demos
John William Galt - Promo/Trailer
John William Galt - Industrial
John William Galt - Commercial

Black belt instructor in Tae Guek Kwan Kung Fu (Tai Chai Chuan), certified by Chun Seung Jong Hap Moo Sool in Seoul, Korea in 1990 with former belts in Shaolin Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, Karate and Hap Ki Do, Aikido. Proficient with hand weapons such as Chinese broadswords, fighting knives and firearms.


You name it, he can do it! Years of experience to prove it!

Vocal Qualities

Narration, Storyteller, Smooth, Interview, Spokesperson, Team (Pair), HE CAN DO IT ALL!