Gary Ragland

25 plus yrs, Gary brings a rare energy and excitement to the table. Warm, Comedic, Endearing & Believable. Accents, impressions & characters. A true professional.

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Voice Demos
Gary Ragland - Industrial
Gary Ragland - Commercial

Guitar, Singing (Tenor), Most Sports, Horseback Riding, Impressionist, Comedy, Tae-Kwon-Do 1 1/2 years. Awards: 2 Silver Tele Awards, Best Actor - National Academy of Dramatic & Speech Arts, Best Actor - International Television Award.
Audio & Teleprompter proficient

  • Theatre Arts Degree
  • Pierce College, Los Angeles
  • Film Tech, Cold Reading, Teaching
  • Creative Actor's Workshop, Los Angeles (4 Years)
  • Voice
  • Neyneen Perris
  • Los Angeles (2 years)
  • Voice Scholarship
  • Viola Wheeler
  • Los Angeles (2 years)
  • Dance
  • Joe Tremaine
  • Los Angeles
  • Commercial Copy
  • Katherine Marks
  • New York
  • Voice over, Animation
  • Michael Bell
  • Los Angeles

Bostonian, New York, Southern, Texan, Irish, Australian

Vocal Qualities

Spokesperson, Comedic, Warm, Friendly, Nerd, Farmer, Blue Collar, Interview, Storyteller, Fast talker, Southern, Cartoon, Muppets, Sarcastic, Deadpan, Narration, Team (pair)