Barbara Petricini-Buxton

Barbara's range includes voicing your elegant woman, friendly mom, character, spokesperson, or announcer copy. Her specialty is a warm, caring delivery.

Voice Demos
Barbara Petricini-Buxton - Industrial Demo
Barbara Petricini-Buxton - Commercial Demo

Owns and is proficient with an ear prompter.

  • BA in Mass Communications and BS inMerchandising Marketing (Summa cum Laude)
  • Western Kentucky University
  • KD Studio Dallas
  • Weist-Baron
  • Dallas
  • Film Actors Lab
  • Maurice Tobias, Cliff Osmond, Mari Lyn Henry, Jim Begg, Bob Nigro, Mike Fenton, Tony Barr, Sharon Ratcliffe, Sally Dennison, Ron Castro, Mark Malis
  • Dallas
Vocal Qualities

Spokesperson, Warm, Friendly, Narration, Team (Pair)