Allan Peck

Real. Different. Voice. That’s why clients have entrusted Allan to be the biggest cheerleader for their brand. That, and his janitorial skills are second to none. He’s known this is what he wanted to do with his life ever since he was 8 years old. He was the weird kid who spent hours alone in his room with a radio and TV trying to impersonate the movie trailer guy, the network promo guy, and would turn the DJ’s and commercials up and the music down. Is he normal? Not by any means. Does he “sound” normal? Well, he has the distinct honor of not once ever being told, “You have a nice voice. You should do voiceover for a living”. He’s the antithesis of that. If you are looking for generic rip and read VO wallpaper, then you have an infinite number of choices. If you’re looking for an authentically genuine real person that actually believes in what he says, and also in who he is saying it to, something different to cut though the clutter of same, as well as an insane turnaround time, well, you’ve finally found your voice.

Voice Demos
Allan Peck - Political
Allan Peck - Industrial
Allan Peck - Promo/Trailer
Allan Peck - Commericial

ISDN & Source Connect studio


British, European, French, New York, Southern, Texan, Irish, Chicago, Scottish, Middle Eastern

Vocal Qualities

Spokesperson, Comedic, Friendly, Hip, Young, Nerd, Farmer, Storyteller, Southern, Cartoon, Sarcastic, Tongue in cheek, Team (pair)